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Terms & Condition between Petsitters and Petsitters Alliance may be found here

Terms & Conditions between The Client, Petsitters Alliance, and the Petsitter.

with Petsitters Alliance (PAl)

  1. No booking is confirmed until PAl has received your deposit; your registration form electronically or by post with your signature; and you have been notified of your petsitter. The deposit is deducted from the cost of your pet’s stay.
  2. PAl will do its best to find a suitable petsitter for your pet, and will instruct the petsitter on your pet’s details and needs.
  3. If for any reason the owner is not happy with the petsitter within 5 days of our notification, we will provide an alternative petsitter or refund the deposit.
  4. Cancellation charges: £15 for a cancellation with more than 4 weeks‘ notice; 50% of the deposit with a minimum of £15 for a cancellation with 2-4 weeks‘ notice; 100% of the deposit with a minimum of £15 for a cancellation with less than 2 weeks‘ notice.
  5. The full daily rate is payable for every day of your pet’s stay, including the days of pickup and return. For example, Friday to Friday is 8 days.
  6. If a carer experiences difficulties with a pet, we will try to place the pet with another suitable carer.
  7. If a carer reasonably considers a dog or other pet to be dangerous, aggressive or uncontrollable, or if a dog or other pet is rejected by a second carer (Para 6), we reserve the right to place the dog in the nearest suitable boarding kennels at the owners expense and subject to a minumum transfer fee of £15.
  8. We, in liaison with the petsitter, reserve the right to make decisions regarding a pet‘s health if reasonable efforts to reach the owner‘s emergency contact have failed and provided it is in the best interest of the pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.
  9. Owners agree not to seek to procure the services of a PAl carer direct without explicit permission from PAl for a 5 year period. Owners agree to compensate PAl for any losses caused by breach of this clause.
  10. PAl acts only as an Agent and cannot be held liable to or responsible for either party or their pets or property.
  11. The owner’s initial signature and agreement to these Terms & Conditions (and any subsequent variations posted on the Petsitters Alliance Website) shall be valid for all subsequent bookings by the owner.

with the Petsitter

  1. Full fees, less the deposit, are payable at the start of the care period.
  2. The owner shall be responsible for payment of vet fees, and/or other costs (e.g. food, medicines, transport) incurred on the pet’s behalf (if any) during his or her absence.
  3. If an owner requires a dog to be exercised off lead, the owner shall assume full responsibility in the event of any loss or damage, howsoever caused.
  4. The owner undertakes to re-imburse any damage to the carer’s home or posessions that could not reasonably be anticipated or avoided from the information given on the registration form.


  1. The owner warrents that the information given on the registration form is honest and complete, and will notify PAl of any changes when making future bookings.
  2. Signature of the registration form and/or electronic return of the registration form constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


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