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What do I need to provide for my pet?
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What happens if my pet is unwell?


How much exercise will my pet have?


Who are the host families and individuals?


Where are your petsitters?


Can I visit my petsitter beforehand?


What are the exact terms & conditions?

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to phone and ask - 0208 546 5099


Q. What do I need to provide for my pet?

A. Here is the checklist of things we ask you to provide so your pet feels at home
Dog's dinner
* Food & treats for the whole stay (See note 1)
* Bowl
* Lead/Line
* Basket/Blanket
* Toys
* Brush
* Towel
* Pooh Bags
* Medicines (if any)
We also need the dates of your pets most recent
* worming treatment
* flea treatment
* vaccinations (Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis)
so please have this information handy when you phone for a booking
(Note 1) This avoids any negative effects of diet change.
If your dog has fresh food, please provide this in daily packs that can be kept in the fridge or freezer.
Our host families will carefully follow your feeding instructions, and respect your wishes concerning feeding at the table.

Q.  What happens if my pet is unwell?

A. Pet Sitters will do its best to ensure your pet has a happy stay. There is always the chance that your pet could need veterinary care. If this happens, we will contact you or your emergency contact, and your own vet wherever practical. If circumstances require immediate action, we will contact the vet closest to your host family. We have established affiliations with highly qualified vets throughout our area, ensuring that your pet has access to medical treatment 24 hours a day.    

Q.  How much exercise will my pet have?

Dog running.

A.  We try to provide the same levels of exercise that your pet is used to - or a little more if you request it.

All pet hosts are required to have secure gardens, and have access to safe walks and parks


Q.  Who are the host families and individuals?

Petsitter   A.  Our host families and individuals are all carefully vetted, and their homes and gardens checked.
We only choose pet lovers who will have plenty of time to look after, play with, and exercise your pet.
In addition, the house has to be clean and safe, and the garden secure. 
Most of our hosts are retired people or housewives who enjoy the companionship of pets.

Q. Where are your petsitters?

A. We now have petsitters in most parts of the country, except northern Scotland.
For a picture of where all our petsitters live, see our coverage map or the list of postcode areas we cover.

Q. Can I visit my petsitter beforehand?

garden   A. Yes. You are encouraged to arrange a preliminary visit to your petsitter, once your booking is confirmed.    

Q.  What are the exact Terms & Conditions?


A.  Our Terms and Conditions can be found here
You will also receive a copy of the Terms & Conditions with your registration form.
You only need sign and return it on your first booking, as this agreement is valid for all subsequent bookings.



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