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Compulsory dog ID microchips? Please!!! No more intrusive, expensive, and useless National Databases

Breeding Healthy Dogs: A road to hell paved with good intentions
by Mike Robinson of Petsitters Alliance

For 30 years we have argued that breeding for appearance without regard for health or temperament is a recipe for disaster – and the Kennel Club is that disaster. We were delighted when the BBC screened Pedigree Dogs Exposed and Crufts annual display of over-bred and inbred animals lost its sponsors and TV coverage.

The Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding byPatrick Bateson of the University of Cambridge should have carried on this good work.

Its analysis of the issues is first rate. It looks in great depth at the suffering and deformity caused by breeding for appearance. It compares the originals with their deformed descendants. It details the evils of “puppy farms”. It shows how owners can avoid the worst problems, and how the breed organisations can be reformed.

Sadly, the Inquiry’s conclusions are as daft as its analysis is sensible. Out of the blue, it recommends modifying the Dangerous Dogs Act to cover all dogs -- in effect, banning all dogs.

If that weren’t enough, it goes on to recommend compulsory micro chipping of puppies by breeders along with yet another intrusive, unnecessary, and expensive Government Database. We will show this is both onerous and unenforceable. It then forgets to recommend the 3 actions that would make a big difference:

  • Legally oblige breed standard organisations to refuse registration of any dog or puppy if minimum health and temperament standards for parents or offspring are not met.
  • Prosecute puppy farms for cruelty under existing legislation. On conviction, ban the owners for life from any association with animals.
  • Create an education program for potential owners to tackle the issue of puppies imported from puppy farms outside the UK.


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