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Dog Fun and Facts

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i think dogs would make bad astronauts because space is a vacuum and they are kinda scared of those

(via abbiejeankane)


What a Dog Does When it is Cold !

Hilarious, and only 14 seconds long.

Cold Dog

Dogs get dressed up to party in Rio

Well they would, wouldn't they!

Its an annual event for dogs in fancy dress just before Carnival proper. Sounds like fun.

Rio Party Dog
Britain's oldest dog Bella Is this world's oldest dog?
Very sweet :-) A pet owner thinks his dog, rescued in the 1980s, could be the equivalent of 200 years old.
PS Sadly, Bella died some months after this video.

Moscow Metro Dogs 35,000 dogs live wild in Moscow, and 20 or so of the most thoughtful ones have moved into the Metro. Most have pointed ears and long coats against the cold. They really have bred and evolved into something new. Here are clips of some of them put together from other users of YouTube... hope they like them. Petsitters would be delighted to sponsor one if we could find out how :-)


The Story of Malchik

One winter evening, Yulia Romanova, a 22-year-old model, was returning with her beloved Staffie. The dog was wearing a new green camouflage jacket from a fashionable Muscovite designer. In crowded Mendeleyevskaya Metro station they met Malchik -- who lived there, guarding against drunks and other dogs. Malchik barked at the pair, defending his territory.

Romanova reached into her pink rucksack, pulled out a kitchen knife and, in front of rush-hour commuters, stabbed Malchik to death.
Romanova was arrested, tried and sentenced to a year of psychiatric treatment. A bronze statue of Malchik, paid for by donations, now stands at the entrance of Mendeleyevskaya station. It is a tribute to the 35,000 stray dogs that roam Russia’s capital. (Reported in Financial Times 17/1/10)

Moscow Metro Dogs can also be seen on YouTube

Class Action against Pet Companies for chocolate flavored dog toys and treats wins £130 million......
In your dreams.
Sadly it is entirely legal for pet companies to sell chocolate flavoured and smelled toys and treats that teach dogs to love chocolate..... which is a poison for them. (See our Local Vet column).
This is about as ethical as teaching small children to chew on brightly coloured electricity cables. We look forward to the day when these companies get their come-uppance, and the headline comes true.

Animals.change logoPedigree Dogs: Exposed - Stop The Kennel Club Breeding for Deformities and Start Supporting Healthy Dogs

In 2008, the BBC aired Pedigree Dogs: Exposed, an hour long documentary on how the Kennel Club breeding for dog show standards has created an unhealthy "parade of mutants." Sadly it is no longer available from the BBC. Click the link for the YouTube copy..

The follow up program Pedigree Dogs Exposed Three Years on is also available (click the link) on Youtube.

Had anything changed? Not Much!

One lady who had blown the whistle on the devastating brain damage done to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels by bad breeding was not congratulated...... she was expelled from the Kennel Club by 204 votes to 31.


Dogquotes logo Dogfacts
Lots of interesting tidbits like the world's oldest and tallest dogs. One we specially like is:
" Argos
or Argus, Ulysses' hunting dog, was the only creature to recognize the Greek hero when he returned home disguised as a beggar after 20 years of adventure"



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