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  Mike Robinson, the CEO of Petsitters Alliance, founded the Petsitters Agency - - in 2000. Before that he was a Professor of Computer Science, and had a longstanding interest in training dogs for Working Trials.    
    Jean Smith, the Company Secretary, owns Pond Farm at Ockham, Surrey; breeds Welsh Cobs; and has special skills in understanding animal behaviour.   Jean
Gina   Gina Somlai, the Office Manager, has a lively interest in all aspects of our business. She has a background in accounting, and is the person who answers your questions when you phone.    
    Petsitters Alliance Limited was founded in 2008 to
* provide realistically priced insurance, and bookings for petsitter members
* refer clients to reliable and insured petsitters


Company Registration Number: 6527182
Registered Office: Manser Hunot, Highland House, Albert Drive, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9TN (UK)



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